VFX Notes: We got cows!

It’s part 2 of our Twister chat.

This week we got cows, debris, twisters and a lot of VFX. We wrap up our coverage of one of our favorite VFX driven action flicks of the 90s. In this part 2, we deconstruct the practical work by John Frazier and digital VFX by ILM led by Stefen Fangmeier on this groundbreaking film. This is part 2 of 2. Listen to part 1.

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00:00 – sponsors
01:04 – ILM VFX pipeline
08:35 – Twister’s personalities
12:39 – we got debris!
16:32 – we got cows!
19:30 – Kubrick’s blessing
23:30 – the practical effects team
36:28 – that final shot
37:17 – the SGI screens
40:53 – DVD extras
46:37 – members and Patreons credits

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