VFX Notes: ‘Twister’ – a meeting of the minds of practical & digital effects

Part 1 of our deep dive into the Jan de Bont film.

There is a mystery…elusive…unpredictable…

In this new VFX Notes episode, Hugo Guerra from Hugo’s Desk and Ian Failes from befores & afters explore the visual effects of Twister. The film is masterclass in combining practical effects (from John Frazier) and digital visual effects, from ILM. This is part 1 of the podcast, part 2 will be coming soon.

You can see previous befores & afters coverage of Twister here.

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00:00 – sponsors
01:08 – podcast starts
02:56 – one of our favourite 90s films
06:48 – History channel – Nature Tech: Tornadoes
08:42 – Director and DOP Jan de Bont
09:38 – Jan De Bont Cinematography Tribute by Nosearmy
10:51 – Practical and Visual Effects ‘meeting of the minds’
14:49 – The VFX from ILM
16:08 – Handheld and shaky cameras
18:33 – the first ILM test and the trailer
24:30 – Twister’s enigmatic trailer
26:31 – the ‘bad CG’ and ‘filmed for real’ debate
34:52 – Patreon and members credits

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