Issue #4 is here!

…and there’s a new way for you to get the magazine in your hands.

I’m excited to announce that issue #4 of befores & afters magazine is now here! It’s another 120 page issue jam-packed with visual effects content covering classic VFX bird shots, hand-drawn effects animation, the practical effects of Independence Day, some ingenious practical light effects and a tribute to Doug Trumbull.

And here’s how to now get your hands on it: at Amazon. Below, you can see what’s inside, but first I’d like to explain why it’s now available via Amazon, and some other changes that have happened.


befores & afters: now on Amazon

If you’ve previously bought the mag, or subscribed, I’ve essentially been sending these out myself from Australia, or via printers across the world. I can tell you upfront, this was HARD, for several reasons. One is cost. And another is ensuring you get the mag in your hands in a timely way. Sometimes there were also issues with unexpected tariffs, duties and other expenses.

See inside issue #4.

My goal with having the magazine available on Amazon is simply to take advantage of their superior distribution network. Now, that comes with a couple of its own challenges. Number 1, Amazon imposes a ‘marketplace’ approach to printing the magazine. The main marketplace is the US, with others in UK and Europe. I fully expect challenges for obtaining the mag in some countries via Amazon. Please email me if you are having ANY trouble obtaining befores & afters magazine and I’ll try and ensure you can get a copy in your hands.

Number 2, this magazine is printed by Amazon (and its partners). This may mean it doesn’t quite feel like the previous issues. But I can assure you the same dedication has gone into the writing and layout of the magazine. For every numbered issue, you’ll always get 120 pages of in-depth coverage with full-color. What I’ve always tried to do is make the mag like a ‘digest’ or small booklet (so, not really a magazine in some ways). I hope you think it’s something a little different to what’s out there right now.

Lastly, an important note: if you took out a subscription, don’t worry, you will OF COURSE still be receiving all the issues you are entitled to under that subscription. I will be sending those out, via Amazon, to you. When the subscription is over, you’ll simply just be able to buy new copies of the magazine from Amazon into the future.

OK, what’s inside #4? Let’s take a look…

The long read in issue #4 is about birds. Yep, those VFX shots that include flocks of birds. This is a fun, fun, fun look at significant bird shots in VFX history. You know the ones, where the director or VFX supe says ‘Add some birds…’.
I’ve always marvelled at the artistry on show in hand-drawn effects animation, and here I asked two former ILMers how they tackled that kind of work on ‘Ghostbusters II’.
Explore the practical and digital effects from ‘Independence Day’ in this round-table, complete with incredible imagery.
Go behind the scenes of FX WRX’s experimental practical light effects in this breakdown.
Finally, a tribute in pictures to Douglas Trumbull, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Get issue #4, and all the back issues right now

Here’s the link to where you can find issue #4 and all the issues of befores & afters magazine. This may take you to your ‘closest’ marketplace, but please feel free to try a few of the different Amazon marketplaces (US, UK, DE etc) to see the best way to get befores & afters in your hands. Thanks as always for the support. – Ian

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  1. So glad to see you covering FX WRX! Christopher Webb’s operation has always created fantastic images, often using analog tools and generating a ton of great happy accidents. While their ‘right tool for the right job’ approach might be at odds with the default ‘do it all CG’ setting that seems locked in place for the last quarter-century, I think the results he gets are compelling and glorious. His promos are better than some of the shows they are made for! Webb and Trumbull in the same issue … guess I’m going to have to get off my duff and find this issue!

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