VFX Futures: From VFXer to trucker–Louis Katz’s story

A chat about one person’s path in and beyond the visual effects industry.

When I first started vfxblog.com (a million years ago), one of the VFX artists I interviewed early on was Louis Katz. He was simply generous enough to answer my questions about some of the recent work he’d then done at ILM and Giant Killer Robots. I reconnected recently with Katz, asking him some questions first about waterfalls and then birds in The Phantom Menace, which he also kindly helped me with.

Then, he told me, he’d become a truck driver.

I felt like Katz’s story in VFX, and now trucking, was one that would be fun to share with everyone via a podcast episode. So we sat down on Zoom while Katz was on a 34 hour ‘reset’ from driving to talk about that long journey from ILM to where he is now.

One quick link to something we talk about in the podcast: The Spirit of Spawn.

Listen in at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or embedded below.

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