Your one-and-a-half-hour deep dive into the VFX of ‘Dune’

The DNEG breakdown is now available to watch in full.

The special DNEG Deep Dive on Dune, which I hosted live the other day, is now online to rewatch. We chatted for more than an hour and a half about sandscreens, ornithopters, sand worms, sand sims, city building and destruction, shields and invisible effects.

The panel featured overall VFX Supervisor Paul Lambert, DNEG VFX Executive Producer Janet Yale, DNEG VFX Supervisors Tristan Myles and Brian Connor, and DNEG Animation Director Robyn Luckham.

In the video there are breakdowns you won’t see anywhere else. Plus the team gave insider info you also won’t see elsewhere.

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  1. Paul Becker

    Great deep dive

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