VFX Futures: What it’s like to work on the VFX for a Super Bowl spot

Behind the scenes with Untold Studios’ Ben Cronin and the Frito-Lay ‘Push It’ commercial.

With the Super Bowl and its massive set of commercials being seen around the world just this past week, befores & afters thought it might be interesting to find out more about how a Super Bowl ad is made.

Ben Cronin.
Untold Studios worked with agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Tom Kuntz at MJZ on ‘Push It’, a Super Bowl spot for Frito-Lay’s Flamin’ Hot chip flavor. In it, a group of animals–a fox, crocodile, sloth and more–get musical as they experience the Flamin’ Hot taste.

To find out how all those CG creatures were made, we talked to Untold Studios creative director Ben Cronin on the VFX Futures podcast about exactly what was involved to make ‘Push It’ possible.

Cronin, who previously worked at Framestore, also goes inside the world of VFX and commercials, something we don’t always get to cover here at b&a.

Listen in at Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, or embedded below, and make sure to watch the final spot and a bunch of behind the scenes below, too.

The spot

Untold Studios creature breakdowns

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