VFX Firsts: NLEs and digital film editing, with Evan Schiff

Do you remember your first non-linear editing experience?

In this new episode of VFX Firsts, Ian Failes from befores & afters chats to picture editor Evan Schiff about the history of non-linear editing and digital film editing. Schiff was picture editor on John Wick: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, Birds of Prey and Nobody, among several other films.

Here, he recounts his own history in editing (which actually included some early beginnings in visual effects at Stan Winston Studio), how film editing used to be done ‘on film’, and how NLEs and digital editing works.

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Show notes

Timeline e-books by John Buck

– Non-linear editing entry at Wikipedia.

– Avid demo from 1989:

– Evan Schiff’s timeline for John Wick 3. Download a large version here.

– Evan Schiff: website, Twitter, Instagram, IMDB

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