VFX vids you should watch right now

A super-quick collection of visual effects videos you should check out.

Right now, there are a ton of great YouTube channels and individual videos that celebrate VFX; they also are incredible educational sources. I thought I would collect a few together right here. VFX aficionados may of course already have watched all these, but hopefully people might find these useful.

Some of the newest ones include a WIRED explainer video from ILMer Todd Vaziri, a Film Riot breakdown of ‘9 VFX Terms You Should Know’, and Kevin Parry’s latest how-to (the guy is amazing). There’s also Corridor Crew member Wren’s piece on simulating Up with real physics, if you haven’t already seen it (so good) and that Vox piece on HDRI balls which is also fantastic. You also can’t go past Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator announcement, or SideFX’s new Hex series, plus I also enjoyed Insider’s breakdown of the process of twinning over the years.

I know there’s a lot more out there – let me know what you’ve seen by way of VFX videos that you really like.

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