Did you see ‘Soul’? Now read about the tech behind it

A number of technical Pixar papers and videos have been published.

If you’ve never ventured over to Pixar’s online library of technical publications, now is the time to do it. There are decades of papers there–from internal memos to peer-reviewed SIGGRAPH papers and SIGGRAPH Talks documents.

This includes technical notes about the studio’s latest animated feature, Soul. Here’s a quick listing:

Rasterizing Volumes and Surfaces for Crowds on Soul

Hypertextural Garments on Pixar’s Soul

Buy Me A Coffee

Garment Refitting for Digital Characters

Making Souls: Methods and a Pipeline for Volumetric Characters

Check those out, above. And also worth a look is the dedicated RenderMan site, and the Pixar Graphics vimeo page, which includes vids that accompany many of the technical papers.


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