Dennis Muren on the origins of ‘Stained Glass Man’ in ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’

Exclusive preview from the ILM VFX supe’s VIEW Conference talk.

The VIEW Conference 2020 On-Demand Edition is now available—it features more than 100 sessions from the online VIEW Conference this year.

This includes ILM senior visual effects supervisor Dennis Muren in discussion with Barbara Robertson discussing some of the major highlights from his long career.

The Stained Glass Man.

As a special preview of the On-Demand Edition, befores & afters has an exclusive short excerpt from Muren’s keynote, where he talks about the origins of the ‘Stained Glass Man’ in Young Sherlock Holmes. It was the first CG character in a feature film, and came to life courtesy of the Computer Division at Lucasfilm.

In the excerpt, Muren even shows a design made by his wife to visualize what the Stained Glass Man would look as a cut-out 2D glass figure. It’s amazing seeing and hearing about such a landmark effects shot in history.

Check out the except below, and also watch the scene in an official clip.

You can sign up to the VIEW Conference 2020 On-Demand Edition here.

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