Watch, listen, absorb: Jaron Presant, ASC at Indy Mogul

The DOP explains the process of capturing VFX plates.

I’m starting a new semi-regular series here at befores & afters which is called #watchlistenabsorb. Basically I’ve been noticing in the past few years there are just so many amazing videos and podcasts out there that touch on VFX concepts. Often, I share these on Twitter, but I figured, why not also share them direct with readers here, too.

These videos or podcasts might be dedicated filmmaking channels, one-off interviews, or just random times when VFX comes up. The watch and listen part of this series is obvious, I guess, but I also feel that just by seeing these things, I tend to ‘absorb’ an extra tiny piece of VFX knowledge each time.

Hopefully many of them will be recent, but there’s certainly times when I may have missed a fun piece of content. For example, I only just watched this Jaron Presant, ASC segment at YouTube channel Indy Mogul. Presant was the DOP on Rampage, amongst many other projects.

Here he explores what pieces needed to be filmed–such as helicopter interiors–for key scenes in the film. One aspect I love is the sketches drawn to show what’s going on with the lighting and other cinematography components of the scenes.

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Check out the video below, and look out for more in #watchlistenabsorb.

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  1. Luge

    Fantastic. Loved the conversation.

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