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Four industry people you should follow on social media.

I get to interview a lot of great VFX artists and filmmakers for befores & afters, which means I’m able to share lots of behind the scenes from the projects they’ve worked on.

But one thing I’ve also found recently is that there are more and more crew-members in film and TV who have been sharing great behind the scenes pics, clips and anecdotes on social media.

Here’s a super-quick round-up of people I follow who I think share really great stuff. Let me know if you follow any other filmmakers who also offer great insights into their process on social media.

1. David F. Sandberg

The Shazam! director not only regularly answers questions from readers on his Twitter and Instagram pages, he also makes extremely useful practical videos that are published on YouTube. Some of these relate to his own projects or shorts, and some are tool round-ups, filmmaking insights or even him flipping you off for four hours…

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2. Dayna Grant

Stunt performer Dayna Grant has worked on films such as Mad Max: Fury Road and the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. If you scroll through her Twitter and Instagram accounts, there’s some really neat videos of her on-set, and also some training and educational pieces she has shared.

3. Stephan Fleet

Fleet most recently was the visual effects supervisor on seasons 1 and 2 of The Boys. He’s a prolific sharer and answerer of questions, and you can really find so much fun material on his Instagram and Twitter pages. Plus, don’t miss his Twitch streams which include Watch Party videos for s2 of The Boys where he dives into how a lot of the VFX for the show was achieved.

4. Mark Kolpack

Agents of SHIELD might be over but you can spend hours pouring through visual effects supervisor Mark Kolpack’s Twitter account for a ton of behind the scenes posts–everything from on-set approaches to the final VFX techniques. This is the kind of stuff which just doesn’t tend to make it into articles; it’s so worth the time to check it out.

Spotted other filmmaker or VFX or crew member social media accounts that you think people should check out? Let me know in the comments.

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