5 VIEW Conference sessions you don’t want to miss

VFX, CG animation, stop-motion, VR, paper craft!

We’re very close to the VIEW Conference this year. It’s happening 18-23 October, and will be available online. Excitingly, the live sessions can be accessed for free (you just need to register), and you can also buy an on-demand pass for viewing the recorded sessions just after the conference. Plus there are a whole bunch of workshops you can check out.

I thought I’d highlight just five sessions here, but incredibly there are something like 160 speakers and more than 100 talks/keynotes/workshops happening during the week. Insane. I’m hosting a few sessions, too, so hope you join me! Here’s my 5 highlights.

1. Phil Tippett keynote
– Sunday, Oct 18, 2020, 22:30-23:30 CET

I’m sitting down with visual effects supervisor, director and stop-motion legend Phil Tippett for this keynote, in which he’s going to go in-depth on his passion project MAD GOD. Cannot wait! And don’t forget there’ll be a Q&A afterwards so, ask him anything.

2. Using VR for Story Development and Pre-Production workshop – Eloi Champagne
– Monday, Oct 19, 2020, 14:00-17:00 CET

I’ve been lucky to get to know Eloi Champagne, technical director at the National Film Board of Canada, a little over the past few years. He’s got his head around so many different subjects in VFX and animation, and now VR. This is a 3 hour workshop that looks fantastic.

3. From Dinosaurs to StageCraft at Industrial Light & Magic – Rob Bredow
– Monday, Oct 19, 2020, 19:00-20:00 CET

Rob Bredow is SVP, Executive Creative Director and Head of ILM, and a master at running down the history of VFX at ILM, which is what you’ll get to see in this presentation, including a look at the VFX studio’s more recent groundbreaking work in virtual production such as on The Mandalorian.

4. Onward – Sharon Calahan
– Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020, 21:00-22:00 CET

Sharan Calahan was the director of photography on Pixar’s Onward. She has a great history of presenting about the cinematography aspects of the studio, often surprising audiences about how – of course – the studio replicates live-action cinematography processes in its films.

5. Creating Paper Puppets For Animation – Megan Brain
– Thursday, Oct 22, 2020, 17:00-19:00 CET

OK, so a couple of years ago I sat in on Megan Brain’s papercraft workshop at VIEW in Turin, and it just made a real impact on me in terms of creativity and storytelling. This 2-hour workshop looks at Megan’s experience in creating paper sculptures for a night time show in Disney’s California Adventure park. Honestly, it will blow your mind.

Check out the full VIEW Conference 2020 program here.

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