NVIDIA’s Omniverse is going into open beta

The platform will be available for open beta download in fall 2020.

NVIDIA’s 3D sim and collaboration platform Omniverse is taking its next step in evolution by moving into open beta.

Omniverse is aimed at allowing artists to simultaneously work in real-time across software platforms. It relies tools such as Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) and NVIDIA RTX technology.

In a release, NVIDIA said “the open beta of Omniverse follows a yearlong early access program in which Ericsson, Foster + Partners, ILM and over 40 other companies–and as many as 400 individual creators and developers–have been evaluating the platform and providing feedback to the NVIDIA engineering team.”

The open beta program will begin in Fall 2020. You can find out more information at NVIDIA’s Omniverse site.

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