One Reply to “Practical effects: learn to make this ‘The Thing’ title burn”

  1. Love this! Reminds me of how in the 70s and 80s I did stuff like burning the cellophane on cigarette packs that had been taped to clear domes in order to create a ‘deflector shield overload’ … this would all be done at right-angles to the spaceship and starfield, so it was all imaged together via ghost glass, often with a foreground photo element (like the cockpit of another ship) that I was shooting through.

    Ian, you ought to look at Christopher Webb’s FX WRX website. They have been doing tons of ingenious in-camera stuff for years. When I talked to him about bouncing sunlight from the kitchen window through a cheesegrater fitted with gels to get wonderful patterns of colored light, he totally ‘got it.’

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