remote virtual production

Matt Workman’s work from home virtual production guide

A take on the future in remote virtual production

I’ve been following DP Matt Workman for a little while now. He’s the founder of Cinematography Database, and the creator of Cine Tracer, a real-time cinematography simulator made in Unreal Engine and available on Steam.

One of the amazing things about Workman is that he launches into his own projects. Then he shares the results for everyone else to learn from, and he is also learning from them. That’s the case lately with his adventures in virtual production tools and techniques. Including a recent project to devise a remote virtual production studio (which is, of course, an interesting thing during this coronavirus crisis).

Check out the results of a project Workman shot for MacInnes Studios in his work from home virtual production studio, relying extensively on Unreal Engine. That’s in the video below. You should also check out his other recent YouTube videos.

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