A quick journey into forced perspective miniatures

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Some fun posts on the visual effects technique

The Rise of Skywalker production designer Kevin Jenkins today posted on his Twitter page a fantastic image of the miniature Jawa Sandcrawler used for one of the final shots in the film.

The approached relied on forced perspective, a technique for filming characters or objects with essentially ‘in-camera’ compositing, by placing them closer or further away from the camera lens and therefore making them appear bigger or larger in the frame.

Jenkins mentioned the miniature was “placed on a dressed table at height and the Jawa extras were shot at the same time a calculated distance back from the mini. A very fine powdery sand was dressed around for scale. We even made a roller to make mini track prints!”

In the spirit of Jenkins’ post (and you should read his whole account for more on this and other aspects of the film), I thought I’d take a quick look on Twitter for other mentions of forced perspective miniatures. Here are some below. You can also get a good handle on how forced perspective works with this post by editor Vashi Nedomansky.


Have you seen others like this? Let me know and I’ll add them.

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  1. Is there any info on the Wolf of Wall Street boat and helicopter shot? The boat is rocking and the helicopter is moving in sync, on the upper deck/pad? How did they rig that? It’s so well done.

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