Making ‘The Laundromat’s’ opening oner


VFX gallery: How that super-long Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas shot was done.

At the beginning of Steven Soderbergh’s The Laundromat, which deals with the Panama Papers scandal, two of the masterminds of the financial setup walk around the Joshua Tree National Park and into a nightclub (while wearing tuxes and sipping on martinis).

The shot plays out as a oner, and was mostly filmed on partial greenscreen sets, with visual effects crafted by Method Studios. Here’s a description of the work from a release provided by the studio:

Method created the Joshua Tree environment as a large 2.5D matte painting and the club environment was a 3D reprojection; artists also added digital partygoers to enhance the practical crowd.

“Given the sheer length of the opening shot, it was the first one we started and the last one we finished,” Method Studios VFX Supervisor Craig Wentworth said. “Much of our VFX work for the film was atypical but the material Rob gave us to work with was really well managed and our schedule allowed for creative exploration. It was a lot of fun to be a part of such a unique project.”

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You can check out a ton of before and after images from the oner in this gallery below.

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