Real and synthetic: the VFX of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

One of the most incredible films of 2022.

Hugo Guerra and Ian Failes explore the extensive visual effects work in Top Gun: Maverick, which has largely not received any VFX coverage in the press so far.

The use of real aerial photography mixed and matched with CG planes, environments and other elements is seamless.

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00:00:00 – Start
00:00:30 – sponsors
00:01:42 – Podcast begins
00:02:53 – shout out to our supporters
00:03:35 – our review of Top Gun Maverick
00:06:47 – Tom Cruise trying to save the cinema one film at the time
00:07:30 – a short review of the film
00:14:54 – how did they do the film?
00:16:23 – the Bluray behind the scenes
00:18:43 – lack of transparency regarding the VFX
00:20:14 – stunts seem to connect better to the audience
00:21:58 – they really did film some of it!
00:24:36 – the home versions tend to look different
00:31:08 – the camera rigs
00:39:14 – the CineJet camera
00:42:06 – the VFX
00:46:33 – the Darkstar plane
00:47:49 – the VFX environments
00:48:49 – it could win the Oscars for best VFX
00:49:27 – there’s history here…
00:51:36 – some people don’t believe there’s any VFX on some films
00:52:56 – the toxic comments against CG and VFX
00:55:58 – the lack of transparency and the lying!
00:58:20 – Tom Cruise never mentions the VFX crew
01:04:25 – Jennifer Connelly’s pants
01:07:57 – a fan theory about Top Gun
01:11:05 – wrap up
01:11:55 – Patreon and Members credits

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