Simulating the baking of bread, cookies and pancakes!

…you can eat learn it all at SIGGRAPH Asia in Brisbane.

One of the technical papers being presented at SIGGRAPH Asia in Brisbane this coming week is ‘A Thermomechanical Material Point Method for Baking and Cooking’ (Mengyuan Ding, Xuchen Han, Stephanie Wang, Theodore Gast, Joseph Teran).

A quick extract of the abstract notes the paper will “present a Material Point Method for visual simulation of baking breads, cookies, pancakes and similar materials that consist of dough or batter (mixtures of water flour, eggs, fat, sugar and leavening agents).”

Come on, that’s got to be reason enough to attend the conference…

Here’s more from the paper’s lead author, and a link to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 website.

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