Hear directly from women in FX

At SIGGRAPH in LA earlier this year, SideFX hosted a great panel discussion with female VFX artists. These were:

– Kate Gabriel, 3D artist, The Mill
– Erin Ramos, effects supervisor, Walt Disney Animation Studios
– Danicka Oglesby, technical artist, Intific
– Lisa Nolan, FX lead, DNEG

Julie Lottering, director of education and training at SideFX, hosted the chat.

You can watch the whole panel above. I think it’s a frank discussion about what it’s like in general to work in FX, including some of their own experiences working in what has been a male-dominated industry. Diversity is a key theme, but there’s a lot more discussed in the panel. Was cool to hear them say they’d of course love to see more female voices in VFX.

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