5 steps to becoming a freelance 3D artist, from Marlon R. Nunez

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Marlon R. Nunez is a character artist and co-founder at Art Heroes, which offers 3D character courses.

For #freelance3Dartist week, Nunez came up with 5 pieces of advice for becoming a freelance 3D artist.

They are pretty great rules to follow (that apply equally to other forms of CG and VFX artistry, too).

Marlon R. Nunez: When I started back in 2010, I didn’t know I was venturing into a freelance career, but now I know what it takes to live off your art and have a great life.

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1. First and foremost, you will be approached for a bunch of different projects. So pick your niche and stick to it! I started to get more freelance work since I defined myself as a character artist and eventually became a true professional in this field. Now, I can pick projects I want to work on, and I’m teaching what I do, and it’s a very cool career spin.

2. Second, there will be a lot of cases where you don’t know how to complete all the process. Keep in mind, you will be learning all your life, and even as a professional is more important to do so. Never be afraid of accepting certain projects just because you don’t know how to the whole thing. Just research and go for it!

3. Third, try to find your ideal clients. We all know there are good and bad clients, so make sure you keep the good ones and maintain them happy by showing them how valuable you are. Always give your best, because a good and happy client means having a guaranteed job.

4. Four, make sure you have a balanced lifestyle. Certain projects can take all your energy out, so make sure to plan your breaks in advance. Your body and brain will thank you for that.

5. Five, love what you do. Sometimes I think to myself: “Gosh, I would do this even for free!”….obviously don’t do anything for free! But love what you do. You’ve gotta feel that all these long hours in front of your screen are worth it.

This week at befores & afters is #freelance3dartist week, a look at various ins and outs of working as a freelance 3D artist.

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