Maya Jermy on freelancing in 3D: ‘Be prepared to have to hunt for commissions’

Maya Jermy UK Based 3D artist freelance
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Maya Jermy is freelance 3D artist based in the UK. She works mostly in ZBrush, KeyShot and Photoshop.

I asked her, like I have with some of the other artists in this #freelance3Dartist series this week, what advice she would give to new freelancers.

Read on below about Jermy’s thoughts on just what it takes, day by day, to keep pushing ahead as a freelancer.

Maya Jermy: Working for yourself provides a lot of flexibility but it has its downsides too. Be prepared to have to hunt for commissions because people won’t be knocking on your door right away. Before you become a well established freelancer, you will have to build your way up to the top. It is not a routine that suits everyone. Some people realize, after a very short while, that it only works for them as a side job, because it might not be sustainable for them.

Every project may seem a bit like applying for a job, over and over again. There are so many artists out there who will be a constant competition to you. You have to stand out. If you want freelancing to be your bread and butter, you have to promote yourself, make sure you are visible online, always updating.

It helps if people you collaborate with get out a good word about you and your work. Word of mouth can produce a steady stream of commissions. At the beginning you may have to work longer hours than you’d like just to secure a living pay. There’s never any guarantee that every month will be financially stable. Freelance is a constant hunt.

This week at befores & afters is #freelance3dartist week, a look at various ins and outs of working as a freelance 3D artist.

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