The latest in digital character control from Reallusion


HeadShot A.I., iClone Unreal Live Link and a new shader.

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Reallusion’s iClone is known for being able to drive facial animation of CG characters without using tracking markers. I tried this out at SIGGRAPH 2019, and it was fascinating to watch it all happen in real-time.

Now Reallusion has added to its tech offerings with a couple of new tools and abilities. There’s iClone Unreal Live Link, which allows for real-time face and body motion capture from iClone to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Meanwhile, an A.I. based plugin called Headshot for its Character Creator toolset will be released this year. And there’s a new digital human shader that brings characters into even more photorealism, in real-time.

Since this is #realtimewrapup week, I had a look at how iClone Unreal Live Link works. Here, basically one click allows iClone assets to be sent to Unreal Engine, and artists can use that to transfer and animate characters, control lights and cameras. They can also edit motion.

You can see a 5 minute demo of that in action in the video below, and read more at Reallusion’s site.

This week at befores & afters are #realtimewrapup week, with reports on real-time tech and virtual production, direct from SIGGRAPH 2019.

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