Score extra RenderPoints with RebusFarm


RebusFarm is the exclusive supporter of #3dartistsrock week.

My thanks to RebusFarm for sponsoring this week’s #3dartistsrock series.

RebusFarm render service offers cloud rendering for a huge range of 3D software and renderers. befores & afters readers can also benefit from an exclusive special: 50 free trial RenderPoints!

Here’s how to get your free RenderPoints:

  1. First, register at (as a new registrant you will automatically receive an initial 25 RenderPoints as a free trial).
  2. Then go to ‘MyRebus’ > ‘Payment’ and insert the bonus code ‘beforesandafters25’ and click confirm.
  3. The additional 25 RenderPoints will be added to your account.
  4. Note: the voucher code expires on July 31st, 2019. RenderPoints in your account will not expire.
  5. Start rendering!

Meanwhile, check out below what some clients have rendered with RebusFarm.

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