VFX Videos: Mouse Guard, Captain Marvel, I am Mother, and shooting TVCs with robots

Mouseguard VFx

The latest and greatest VFX-related videos around the web

Here’s a look at some of the fun visual effects videos I’ve seen around the web in recent times, from the real-time demo reel for Wes Ball’s cancelled Mouse Guard film, to a collection of breakdowns from Captain Marvel, the stunning practical and digital combo in I Am Mother, and a look at using robots to make commercials.

Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard was the highly anticipated project from Wes Ball that sadly he has just announced is officially ‘dead’. However, at the same time, the director also released a real-time rendered demo video that showed off the Halon and Fox VFX Lab-driven previs done for the film in Unreal Engine, as well as a tour of the production office (which itself seems to include some Weta Digital facial animation tests). Check them out below.


I Am Mother

Director Grant Sputore’s I Am Mother was recently launched on Netflix, and the film has already been lauded for its combination of practical robot effects and digital augmentations. Weta Workshop showcases that practical work in a video below, while one of the VFX studios on the film, Fin Design, also breaks down its work. Meanwhile, Sputore himself outlines the production process, including previs, for the film in a separate video.

Captain Marvel

With the DVD release of Captain Marvel, a slew of VFX studios released their breakdown reels, including Digital Domain, Trixter and RISE. Plus Marvel themselves have two videos out which showcase the film’s effects work.

Shooting TVCs with robots

Visual engineer, photographer and robot master Steve Giralt’s work is showcased in this B&H video about how he uses high speed robots (with cameras attached) to shoot product commercials. Some pretty stunning results from the Bolt and other rigs here.

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