Behind the biggest VFX scenes in ‘Foundation’ s2

Go in-depth on the series with this new befores & afters podcast.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting to Foundation production visual effects supervisor Chris MacLean, specifically about season 2 of the Apple TV+ series, which was created by David S Goyer.

Now this just had its season finale so there’s a lot of spoilers in the show, just a heads up.

With Chris we jump into some of the big VFX moments. These include Demerzel scenes, Spacers, the Bishop’s Claw Beki, the Stone Eaters, spaceship scenes, the big battle in ep 9, de-ageing work, facial scramblers and so much more. Right at the end there’s also a fun look at some invisible FX work in the show.

This episode covers work by Framestore, Outpost VFX, Rodeo FX, Important Looking Pirates and more.

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Check out the podcast below, along with a selection of concept art.

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