‘Andor’ production visual effects supervisor Mohen Leo on designing VFX shots

This new podcast breaks down several of the key VFX sequences in the show.

Today on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting to Andor production visual effects supervisor Mohen Leo.

I start by asking Mohen about the earliest conversations he had with creator Tony Gilroy about the role VFX played in the Star Wars series.

Mohen talks here about locations and sets and partial sets that were filmed, as well as practical creatures and droids that were filmed for the show.

Then we jump into some of the specific sequences crafted by the key VFX vendors on the show. These were ILM, Scanline, Hybride and RSP (and there were a couple more we mention), and we break down landmark scenes like The Eye, Ferrix environments and Luthen’s Haulcraft and its escape.

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It’s a fun chat, and what I really liked talking to Mohen about was the decision making process for how certain scenes would be handled, and where VFX would come into play.

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