How the astonishing real and mech dog in ‘The Nevers’ was made

Meet the Shockdog (and its real-life inspiration and stuntie stand-in).

Today on the befores & afters podcast, we’re chatting about the HBO and TOOBI series The Nevers. The VFX team behind the episode entitled ‘It’s a Good Day’ are nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Single Episode.

This episode features a shock dog attacking one of the characters. A shock dog is, well, it’s a real dog and a mech dog.

Production visual effects supervisor Johnny Han and Accenture Song visual effects supervisor Emanuel Fuchs join me on the podcast to break down the work. This included the real-life dog reference, stuntie stand-in, animatronic puppetry stuffie, and mech/fur balls (an alternative to the usual chrome/gray balls).

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Listen to the podcast below. You’ll also find an exclusive VFX breakdown of the episode, plus behind the scenes imagery and a stuntvis reel.

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