That’s not Paris! It’s CGI!

Join Hugo and Ian for the latest VFX Notes podcast episode, covering the visual effects of John Wick Chapter 4.

John Wick Chapter 4 is one of those films where the audience marvels at the impressive stunt and special effects work, then learns about the visual effects involved, and marvels at that too!

No more is that evident than in the Paris sequences, especially the Arc de Triomphe show-down. An incredible CG version of Paris was built here by Rodeo FX, along with numerous cars and other assets.

It’s just one of the enormous VFX moments in the film covered by Hugo Guerra and Ian Failes in the latest episode of VFX Notes.

You can also read all of befores & afters’ in-depth coverage of the film here.

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Watch the new VFX Notes episode, below.

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