‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ was huge, but what does VFX Notes think about it?

Hugo loved it! Ian…didn’t quite get it (but thinks it looks amazing).

Today on VFX Notes, Hugo and Ian discuss the animated The Super Mario Bros. Movie, from Illumination. We dive into the rich history of Nintendo-lore, and even the failed Mario film from 1993 (which ended up being a landmark visual effects film).

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Check out the video podcast, below.


00:00 – intro
01:23 – Podcast begins
02:59 – our review of the film
04:52 – all the lore and references
14:29 – Nintendo’s IP
17:59 – Super Mario Bros. from 1993
19:18 – the VFX legacy of Super Mario Bros.
27:33 – the future of Super Mario animated movies
29:25 – illumination studios
31:28 – the rendering and lighting look amazing
37:28 – the Nintendo method
40:30 – that time Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo
51:04 – illumination’s pipeline graphic
53:34 – Patreon and YouTube members

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