Developing beautiful in-camera VFX for ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

Watch these new clips from FX WRX, and see more in befores & afters magazine.

FX WRX has released some fun clips of its in-camera visual effects development for the Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling.

The work, overseen by cinematographer and technical director Christopher Webb, who collaborated with the film’s visual effects supervisor Dan Schrecker, utilized a number of practical effects to explore some dramatic moments in the movie.

befores & afters covered FX WRX’s explorations in the practical effects issue, #10.

Check out issue #10 for full coverage of FX WRX’s role on the film.

Webb notes that organic liquid effects were created in conjunction with J&M Special Effects and artist Simon Cleveland. “A variety of moments were captured, with one signature liquid shot, involving red dye in glycerin, featuring prominently in the narrative.”

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Meanwhile, the team at FX WRX also shot imagery to explore an optic nerve overload theme.

Says Webb: “Animated optical effects were generated using go-motion streak photography and abstract illuminated sculpture. A large tunnel of vein-like branches was assembled so that the camera could travel inside while capturing long exposure animation frames. Custom built lighting rigs traveled outside the sculpture, moving toward the camera to create motion and dynamic animation of the sculpture.”

Check out the final and BTS clips below, and there’s more at FX WRX’s website.

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