Ian and Hugo debate the practical/digital debate with ‘The Last of Us’

It’s the newest episode of the VFX Notes podcast!

In the latest video episode of the VFX Notes podcast, Ian Failes and Hugo Guerra are in the SAME ROOM to chat and praise the HBO series, The Last of Us.

Here at befores & afters, we’ve covered the show extensively–look out also for an upcoming chat with VFX supervisor Alex Wang.

In the VFX Notes ep, we review the show, look back at the game, and discuss very specific sequences, plus the ongoing discourse about practical versus digital in effects filmmaking.

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Watch the show

00:00:00 – Start
00:00:36 – a word from our sponsor
00:01:20 – podcast begins
00:03:04 – first reactions to the show
00:03:59 – the original game
00:13:12 – cut scenes vs gameplay
00:15:36 – our review of the show
00:33:07 – the music from Gustavo Santaolalla
00:36:43 – The VFX work
00:48:38 – the practical effects and the discourse online
00:52:49 – the bloater
00:55:07 – clicker child
01:04:35 – the Girafe
01:07:52 – using CG animals vs real animals
01:11:24 – Super Mario X Last of Us

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