How ‘Andor’s’ real London locations were the basis of Coruscant finals

Turning the Barbican into a Star Wars building.

This week on the befores & afters podcast, we’re talking Andor with Industrial Light & Magic visual effects supervisor Scott Pritchard.

Now, I had actually already talked to Scott about this series at befores & afters.

But there was so much to cover that we thought it would be fun to discuss some new things, including the shooting of real plates of real locations in the UK and augmenting them to look like Coruscant. ILM did some amazing transformations of the Barbican, for instance.

Plus we also get into what scenes made use of ILM’s StageCraft approach for filming with LED walls and virtual backgrounds on Andor.

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Check out the podcast below, and some before/after breakdowns, too.

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