‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ gets the VFX Notes breakdown

Smoke, tanks, environments…and rats!

This week on VFX Notes, Hugo Guerra from Hugo’s Desk and Ian Failes from befores & afters discuss the making of VFX Oscar-nominated All Quiet on the Western Front.

We discuss all the details of the invisible effects side of the production, plus the cinematography and special effects involved.

Don’t miss the many breakdowns featured in the video version, below.

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00:00:00 – start
00:00:31 – sponsors
00:01:41 – the podcast begins
00:03:39 – what do think about the movie
00:07:17 – lack of photos and footage from WW1
00:10:26 – the first mechanical War
00:11:20 – the Tanks are the creatures on this field
00:13:35 – food as a plot device
00:16:51 – director Edward Berger
00:18:44 – lots of craft documentaries
00:20:31 – cinematography by James Friend
00:23:03 – the production design
00:25:51 – Virtual Production train sequences
00:27:20 – why the film has so many nominations
00:30:53 – the amazing craft on display
00:32:51 – fog and atmosphere
00:35:49 – compositing and smoke
00:42:03 – no VES nominations?
00:45:10 – stunts should have an Oscar nomination
00:50:07 – the snow VFX and set extensions
00:53:44 – set extension and deterioration of buildings
00:57:02 – the tanks and the flamethrowers
01:04:03 – the CG bayonet and shovel
01:06:25 – the VFX gore
01:12:24 – the real rats
01:16:52 – Patreon and Members credits

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