Go in-depth on the visual effects by FuseFX for ‘Wendell & Wild’

Combining stop-motion and digital effects.

This week on the podcast we’re chatting to Paul Santagada, who was visual effects supervisor at FuseFX on Henry Selick’s stop-motion film Wendell & Wild, now streaming on Netflix.

Paul supervised the FuseFX LA work and visual effects supervisor Ryan Grobins supervised the FuseFX Vancouver work in the film.

In our chat, Paul and I talk about the role of VFX in adding, augmenting, but also preserving, what had been filmed for real via stop-motion on the film.

He gives some great insight into a couple of very specific and clever approaches to environment work on Fuse’s shots, including skies.

Plus a look at the very delicate work of clean up and rig removal.

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Listen to the podcast here, and watch FuseFX’s reel embedded below.

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