Upending the classic VFX approach: ‘Everything Everywhere all at Once’

How only a small number of VFX artists managed a massive effort on the film. And yes we ALSO talk about Raccacoonie.

Hugo Guerra from Hugo’s Desk and Ian Failes from befores & afters break down the visual effects in Everything Everywhere all at Once, which were largely done by only 5 VFX artists.

Check out befores & afters’ other coverage of the film here.

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00:00 – intro
00:13 – sponsors
01:26 – podcast begins
02:58 – our review of the film
05:39 – Daniels’s previous projects
06:57 – the creativity on display
07:59 – the casting and influences
09:48 – the look and feel of the film
12:07 – the cinematography
16:56 – commercials and music video language
20:22 – guerrilla-style filmmaking
21:29 – sometimes there is no pipeline
23:01 – the small VFX team and approach
29:44 – no pixel fucking here
34:06 – the sets
36:02 – Jamie Lee Curtis Fight
36:36 – the stunts team
37:41 – multiverse chair
42:21 – removing Jamie Lee Curtis
43:11 – de-ageing
44:45 – digital map, the rocks and the chef sequences
46:45 – the martial club
47:58 – Raccacoonie
51:48 – The Oscar buzz
56:53 – Befores & Afters magazine
59:14 – Patreons and Members credits

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