What you need to know about the ASC Framing Decision List

It’s a new specification for standardizing how the documentation, tracking and use of framing.

Thanks to RE:Vision Effects’ Pierre Jasmin, I’m sharing some info he just shared on LinkedIn about the new American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) FDL (Framing Decision List). It comes from the ASC Advanced Data Management (ADM) sub-committee.

What is this?

Well, in Jasmin’s words, the ASCFDL is a specification worked on by a large number of industry practitioners aiming to “preserve the cinematographer’s framing intent from camera to post. Also, for anyone in post that wants to make framing alterations, the intent is to ensure those decisions are able to be shared and re-applied by any vendor across post-production, in a much more automated and accurate way than the traditional process.”

Jasmin continues: “If I send you a file, but you’re not sure how to frame it; simply apply the FDL. It will do the work for you. We’ve just finished our first rough draft of the specification and are now hoping to get a wider collection of feedback from various software/hardware/camera manufacturers, to technologists, DIT’s and various production management stakeholders.”

Find out more in Jasmin’s LinkedIn post, see sample files, and the actual ASCFDL Specification v0.0. Plus watch the video below which features ADM sub-committees chair Jesse Korosi.

Really interesting to see where this all goes.

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