Watch this official ‘Avatar’ performance capture featurette

The film is getting a re-release this week.

James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar is being re-released in cinemas this week (in 3D) in anticipation of Avatar: The Way of Water later this year. The original film broke new ground in many areas, including performance capture, virtual cinematography and digital creatures and rendering by Wētā FX.

Here’s an official featurette released about the performance capture work in the ‘Volume’, in particular. I thought it was fun to re-visit the process here. The new film is understood to have taken things much further again, including in relation to underwater performance capture.

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  1. The featurette video was revelational . This was so long ago the actor Sam Worthington could be forgiven to attribute performance capture to CGI (at 8:15 ) and not the artists doing the CGI post capture.
    These days there’s more attribution , respect and appreciation for what digital artists bring to the table.


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