VFX Notes: ‘Last Night in Soho’ (and the best mirror shots in movies)

We look deep into the VFX of Edgar Wright’s film.

This week on VFX Notes, Hugo Guerra and Ian Failes go back in time on DNEG’s VFX for Last Night in Soho. We also explore some key mirror gags and VFX shots from history. We also look at Barrie Gower’s prosthetics work. befores & afters has extensive coverage of the film, check it out here.

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00:00 – sponsors
00:55 – podcast begins
02:01 – let’s talk about mirrors
03:06 – our review of the film
06:13 – a love letter to London and Soho
12:49 – the VFX of the film
14:00 – compositing is sometimes not considered VFX
15:37 – the ‘no VFX’ discussion
16:54 – Edgar Wright in the Vanity Fair video
17:32 – mirror shots on the club
21:16 – Portuguese or poor man’s motion control
27:32 – the shadow man
33:36 – 60’s London
36:33 – mirror scenes
38:00 – The Lady from Shanghai hall of mirrors
38:47 – Enter the Dragon mirror finale
40:11 – Terminator 2 practical mirror scene
41:34 – Sucker Punch practical mirror scene
42:28 – Contact mirror VFX shot
45:13 – Poltergeist 3 practical mirror scene
51:01 – Kenzo World from Spike Jonze
54:02 – Patreon and Members credits

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