VFX Futures: The VFX art department–a chat with Cinesite’s Madeleine Scott-Spencer

How Cinesite’s art department operates, and how it has adapted to virtual production workflows.

In this sponsored episode, Cinesite Head of Assets and Visual Development Madeleine Scott-Spencer discusses the changing nature of the art department at a VFX studio, including the move to virtual production. As part of Cinesite’s 30th anniversary, we chat about Scott-Spencer’s own history in concept design and VFX, and about Cinesite’s recent work–including the art department’s role–on projects such as The Witcher and Wheel of Time.

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Show notes

– See Cinesite’s ArtStation profile here, which goes deep on recent lookdev work on The Witcher, s2.

– Watch Maddie’s recent Cinesite interview about Digital Sculpture, below:

– See the whole ‘Anniversary Anecdotes’ series celebrating Cinesite’s 30th anniversary here.

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