Why you should care about NVIDIA Omniverse

How the collaboration platform can change the way you deliver VFX and animation, and how you can even trial it for free.

You may have already heard about NVIDIA Omniverse. If you have, you’ll know it’s a cloud-native, multi-GPU enabled open platform for virtual collaboration and real-time photorealistic ray tracing and simulation. The platform also has NVIDIA RTX technology and Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) as its basis.

But, why do you need it? Here’s a look at the benefits of NVIDIA Omniverse particularly for those in VFX and animation, and how you can secure a free 3 month trial of Omniverse via Escape Technology.

Why should I care?

Those in visual effects and animation will be aware of how quickly production pipelines are changing today to cater for more content, more high fidelity content, and a globally distributed workforce.

That basically means there’s more complex work being done, and needing to be done more quickly. Added to that is an expectation that artists and studios can craft more shots, assets and turn-arounds in real-time, especially for the burgeoning area of virtual production.

NVIDIA Omniverse is intended to offer ways for that new and bigger and better content to be delivered, in real-time, with the help of its platform. With RTX and USD as a foundation, the idea is that teams together or across the globe can quickly create and iterate assets, review progress for dailies, and make fast edits for live on-set collaboration. These are things that simply weren’t possible before.

Is it really revolutionising the way you can work?

If you’re an individual artist, or part of a local or global team, NVIDIA Omniverse can change the way you work on visual effects and animation projects. Here’s how Omniverse can help:

Omniverse is an open platform​: For all NVIDIA RTX users, a simple download unites a user’s content, asset libraries, and software applications in a real-time simulated world.

It enables live collaboration​: The ability to work together and make changes in real time unites geographically dispersed teams.

It eliminates the hassle of working with multiple software apps​: Users import and export once, with no data prep required. There’s no need for file uploads and downloads which can waste time and are resource intensive. You can work on any device.

It simplifies breathtaking, photorealistic, path-traced, and ray-traced rendering​: Beautiful, high-fidelity models can be instantly shared to any device with one click to ray-traced or path-traced rendering.

It supports photoreal, true-to-reality simulation: With support from N​VIDIA MDL​, P​hysX​®​, Flow,​ B​last​, and core AI technologies, you can achieve high-performance simulation of complex, 3D, physically accurate worlds with minimal effort.

It’s flexible and customizable​: Omniverse can scale at any organisational level, integrate with any IT infrastructure, and support the building of custom applications, extensions, and experiences.

OK, how can I get the free trial?

At the business level, NVIDIA is making Omniverse available via NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, an end-to-end remote collaboration and true-to-reality simulation platform, optimised and certified by NVIDIA to run on NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

And now, via Escape Technology, you can access a free 3 month trial of not only NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise but also remote workstation software solution Teradici CAS software. This free 3 month access to Teradici Cloud Access Software (CAS) and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise software licences can be accessed with the purchase of a qualifying HP desktop or mobile workstation.

Find out more by heading to Escape Technology’s detailed information page.

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