VFX Notes: The VFX of ‘No Time To Die’

A practical and digital effects extravaganza.

The latest VFX Notes from Hugo Guerra and Ian Failes goes deep into No Time To Die, and the Oscar-nominated visual effects, both practical and digital, in the film.

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Run down

00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:08 – Matera car chase sequence by ILM
00:14:13 – bullet hits VFX
00:19:16 – subpixel tracking
00:23:44 – Cuba by DNeg
00:28:06 – the sinking trawler by DNeg
00:32:28 – excellent shot design
00:37:05 – Norway chase by Framestore
00:41:40 – the practical and digital in perfect harmony
00:49:56 – the foggy woods by Framestore
00:51:39 – Safin’s island by DNeg and ILM
00:58:20 – single-shot action scene in the staircase
01:03:13 – that ending!
01:03:56 – Léa Seydoux
01:04:34 – Death Stranding
01:10:58 – Patreons and YouTube members credits for Feb

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