When you need to know your V-cam from your simulcam…

…well, now you can, with The Virtual Production Glossary.

‘Virtual production’ is an area of filmmaking (and visual effects and animation and production etc) that is new and in a state of flux. Sometimes what one practitioner calls something in the VP space might be different to what another artist may call the same thing.

That’s where the new The Virtual Production Glossary (https://www.vpglossary.com) might just come in handy.

It’s an industry-based virtual production glossary put together by the Visual Effects Society (VES), the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), several industry experts, with support from Epic Games and Netflix.

As a VFX journalist, I feel that I will probably use it DAILY, and I can see how so many people in the field, so many students, and so many other people just interested in filmmaking might benefit from it. The Glossary is searchable, and allows for suggestions to be made. I think the idea with the Glossary is just to have a place to collect key terms and key ideas, not necessarily enforce any kind of use of specific language. But I can see it being super-helpful.

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Check it out at VPGlossary.com.

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