VFX Notes: The Matrix!

“This Is The Best Thing I’ve Done In A Long Time.”

In our latest VFX Notes podcast, Hugo Guerra and Ian Failes discuss the VFX of The Matrix. We go over bullet time, miniatures, the filming and behind the scenes. We also discuss the brand new The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience.

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Run down

00:02:38 – the impact of the original Matrix
00:05:20 – the directors
00:11:13 – Bill Pope and the cinematography
00:21:23 – Kung-fu influences
00:28:30 – the editing, music and set design
00:33:10 – old school projections and the VFX
00:35:09 – bullet time
00:54:16 – the helicopter and miniature work
00:58:20 – Hugo Weaving fan club
00:59:46 – the Matrix code
01:02:56 – the window cleaners
01:05:32 – the Matrix legacy
01:11:59 – the new Unreal Engine 5 experience
01:30:16 – a few announcements for the podcast

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