VFX Futures: VFX supervisor Kaitlyn Yang on starting a studio, diversity in VFX, and more

Yang recently VFX supe’d ‘The Shrink Next Door’.

Kaitlyn Yang is the founder of Alpha Studios, the first woman-owned visual effects company in the US. She also happens to have been born with spinal muscular atrophy.

In this new episode of VFX Futures, she tells Ian Failes from befores & afters about the path to starting Alpha–a long journey from China to the States, but where a passion for filmmaking, design and VFX made her goals clear. Among her many VFX credits, Yang was recently the visual effects supervisor on the Apple TV+ series, The Shrink Next Door, which we discuss in the podcast. We also dive into the current state of play of diversity in the visual effects industry.

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Show notes

Kaitlyn Yang on Instagram and Twitter

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Alpha Studios website

The Shrink Next Door trailer

Invisible in Visual Effects: Understanding the Prevalence and Experiences of Women in the Field, Annenberg Inclusion Initiative and Women in Animation

1IN4 website

Feature image: Yang on the set of The Shrink Next Door. (Credit: Lauren Hurdle/Courtesy of Apple TV+)

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