VFX Artifacts: Phil Tippett on ED-209 in ‘RoboCop’

The iconic ED-209 is the latest VFX artifact we discuss.

In this new VFX Artifacts podcast episode, Ian Failes from befores & afters chats to Phil Tippett about the design and animation of ED-209 at Tippett Studio for RoboCop (1987). Brought to life as post a full-scale prop and a stop-motion armature, ED-209 has become one of Tippett Studio’s most iconic film characters. Hear Phil discuss his origins in this interview, which was conducted a few years ago.

Tippett will also be a major presence at the upcoming VIEW Conference, participating in panels on 25 years since Dragonheart, and on his latest film, MAD GOD.

Listen in now at Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or in the embedded player below.

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