Here’s how to hear untold VFX stories from these VFX legends

Tune in for the Then & Now track at FMX 2021.

How was that amazing mirror shot in Contact *really* done? What could the stuffie version of Goose the cat do on the set of Captain Marvel? How might the future of cinema look with purpose-built immersive pods?

These questions will be answered next week at FMX in my Then & Now sessions, which see VFX luminaries Doug Trumbull, Sheena Duggal and Shane Mahan take the virtual stage.

Trumbull will break down his close relationship with immersive cinema. He’s been pushing high frame rates and 3D for many years, and now has an incredible proposal on hand about ‘pop-up’ cinema pods as part of his MAGI process (4K, 3D AT 120 fps on a deeply curved screen). Excitingly, Trumbull also goes back into the history of all of this, including his work on the Back to the Future: The Ride. A special bonus is that Trumbull will be part of a live Q&A where you can ask him questions directly.

Trumbull during the making of ‘Brainstorm’.

Duggal, who is right now VFX supervising Venom: Let There Be Carnage and was honoured last year by the Visual Effects Society with “The VES Award for Creative Excellence”, explores several fun moments from her VFX history, including being one of the world’s first Flame artists, crafting the invisible effects for the Contact mirror moment, and even working with penguins and walruses for 50 First Dates. Importantly, she also provides her thoughts on the current state of play in VFX diversity and inclusion (hint: there’s a long way to go).

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Duggal on set for the shooting of ‘Venom.’

Mahan, a co-founder of Legacy Effects, jumps straight into the art of character creation. He’s closely tied, of course, with the development of Iron Man, and the many varied suits that character uses in the Marvel films. We learn about the art and tech behind practical effects like the suit, along with other make-up effects, props, animatronics and even stuffies like Goose from Captain Marvel.

Mahan working on ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’

Check out the full FMX program, which starts on May 4th, for all the details on these talks and more. Tickets for FMX are available here.

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