Don’t miss this live ‘Isle of Dogs’ stop-motion lighting session

A gem of a presentation at Berlinale Talents with DOP Tristan Oliver.

This has got to be one of the coolest virtual sessions I’ve seen in recent times–in a recent Berlinale Talents presentation, DOP Tristan Oliver discussed his work as a cinematographer on stop-motion films such as Chicken Run, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Isle of Dogs.

Then, and this was the particularly cool bit, he led a remote lighting session from London with gaffer and camera operator Björn Susen who was in Berlin. The lighting was on an original set piece from the lab sequence in Isle of Dogs.

Honestly, this was very cool to watch, and it’s now freely available to see on the Berlinale Talents website. A really fun way to see how the lighting of a miniature set works, and to witness that happening in ‘real-time’ and remotely.

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