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Twister’s VFX team is back.

In late 1995 and early 1996 I became obsessed with the teaser trailer for Twister. I’m sure it was played in cinemas and even on TV in Australia. Most of it is sound design, but it does finish with wreckage flying everywhere and a tractor tire smashing through a car window. Insane.

I only found out years later this was actually an ILM test shot that got used for the trailer exclusively (it’s not in the final film). Of course, for the movie, ILM took destruction effects, particles, simulations and environments to a new level, so much so that the film was nominated for a visual effects Oscar, and now the team-members who were nominated are coming back together for a special 25th anniversary Twister VIEW Conference PreVIEW, which I am honored to moderate.

It’s happening Thursday, April 8th at 12.30pm PDT, 9.30om CET.

The returning crew members are Stefen Fangmeier, who was the film’s visual effects supervisor, Habib Zargarpour and Henry L. LaBounta, who were credited as ‘digital tornado designers’, and John Frazier, who was Twister’s special effects supervisor.

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Here’s where you sign up for free for the session. Please also send me any questions you’d like asked, and of course they’ll be a live Q&A on the day (and yes we are totally going to talk about cows!).


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